Sellers Guide

Sellers Guide

There are many reasons for selling your home. Whether you are relocating, upgrading or downsizing Waterside Property will help you throughout the process. We aim to reduce the stress and maximise the selling price for your home.

This is a short guide to the various things you will need to consider throughout the process.


Do you have a mortgage to redeem? If you are buying a new house, do you need to arrange a mortgage?

Getting your Home ready

There is no point in spending a fortune in renovating or decorating your property. Prospective buyers will have their own tastes and there is little point in second guessing these. However there are a number of straightforward steps you can take which can help your home sell faster and for a higher price.

  • Clean and Tidy. Make sure your property is clean and tidy with minimal clutter in preparation for viewings.
  • Minor repairs. Make sure any minor repairs are finished before viewings.
  • Lights: replace any missing or blown light bulbs. You should ensure that your property is adequately lit so as to show off the best features
  • Gardens and Sheds. Keep gardens tidy and ensure the gras is cut and flower beds are clear of weeds.
  • Decorating: Painting a room can be in expensive and transform a room. Aim for neutral colours and consider repainting rooms with bold colours.

Home report

You are required to have a Home Report in order to sell your home in Scotland. The Home Report consists of:

  • Survey. This is an assessment by the surveyor of the condition of your home and as well as a valuation.
  • Energy Report: This is an assessment by the surveyor of your homes energy efficiency and its impact on the environment. It makes recommendations for ways of improving the efficiency.
  • Property Questionnaire: This is completed by you, the seller and contains extra information such as the council tax band and any factor costs.

Waterside Property arrange for a Home report to be carried out on your property.

Planning your move

Whether you are moving locally or further away have you worked out how you will be moving your belongings? Have you searched for the most competitive removal service or booked your own van?


Have you arranged a solicitor to carry out all the necessary legal work. Waterside can recommend a solicitor.


How quickly do you need to sell? Does your property require any maintenance prior to selling? If you are buying and selling at the same time careful planning will be required.


Waterside Property has a dedicated viewing agent who can carry out all the viewings on your property and provide immediate feedback on each viewing. If you plan to do your own viewings you should be as positive as possible about your property. Work out which rooms “sell your property” and start the viewing in these rooms and revisit them at the end. Always give the viewer time to look around at their leisure and be ready to answer any questions they may have.

Updating your bills and contacts

Prior to moving you should create a list of all your bills and who you need to contact. These will include Telephone, Mobile, Electric, Gas, Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Council Tax, TV License, Satellite TV, Water, Employer, Friends, Schools. You should take final readings for all your utilities (including pictures). You may wish to speak with the Royal Mail about having mail redirected to your new home. This is a prime opportunity to negotiate with all your utilities in order to get a better price.